Glee: 04×22: The Catfish Code

In this week’s season finale episode entitled “All or Nothing” we see engagements, weddings, show choir competitions and the unmasking of Katie. Here’s what happened.

The Brittany Code

Brittany is being interviewed at MIT where they remark at her near perfect SAT scores but her 0.2 GPA scores. They have her do a math test which she gets 0 on. They do notice though that her scribbles on the back of the page make up alot of mathematical functions and dub it the Brittany Code, even comparing her to Einstein.


Brittany returns to glee club after her interview and turns on her inner diva demanding to single lead in all songs and even tells Tina to make her Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar dress. She even quits the Cheerios giving Coach Roz 92 reasons why she’s leaving.

Sue & Will decide to have an intervention and try and find out what’s wrong with her. Brit turns it into an episode of Fondue for 2 and ends up asking them all the questions and revealing Sue’s celebrity baby father as Michael Bolton.


Sam is also worried about Brit as she breaks up with him randomly (via text) and so he decides to call the one person who can get through to her, Santana. Brit tries to deflect from herself again using Fondue for 2, but Santana sees through it and asks her what’s really wrong. Brit reveals that her erratic behaviour is due to her receiving early admission to MIT and she has to leave immediately. She reminsices about her time with all of her fellow glee clubbers not leaving a dry eye in the room. Don’t leave us Brit!!!!


 Catfish Revealed

Ryder is still talking to ‘Katie’ and refuses to compete at Regionals until the Catfish in the room reveals themselves. Marley ends up confessing and apologises profusely with Jake even defending her. Later on, it’s revealed that it was actually Unique and Marley was just covering for her. Unique explains that he got really close to him and explains everything was real between them and he’s honestly sorry. Ryder on the other hand is fuming and says ” We don’t have anything, I’m not gonna punch you in the face, but I’m never gonna talk to you again.” Damn, that must have hurt Unique, need a tissue girl?

Right before Regionals, Ryder announces that he’s leaving the glee club after Regionals. Yeah right.

Wedding Bells & Show Choirs

Blaine decides to ask Sam for help about planning his engagement to Kurt, but Sam disagrees with his decision and thinks that it’s a bad idea. Unfortunately Blaine is adamant he’s going to ask Kurt with or without Sam’s help.


Later on Blaine & Tina go ring shopping. While there Blaine meets an elderly woman who assists him with his choice and is also a lesbian. She gives him advice on his plan and they later go on a double date. The couple end up proposing at dinner to a confused Kurt’s surprise.

Regionals finally kicks off and Frida Romera proves to be big competition for New Directions. New Directions end up doing 3 songs as usual, including Marley’s original song, “All Or Nothing” which gives them the win (unsurprisingly).tumblr_mmkk7eyRf41rnehspo7_250

While celebrating their win in the choir room, Emma decides to be all spontaneous and walks in with a pastor in tow saying that she wants to get married now in a small intimate session as she obviously can’t handle big ceremonies. The two get married in the choir room with the glee club as their sole congregation, sweet but sad at the same time.

Totally detached from everything else, Rachel has her final Funny Girl audition where she does a Celine Dion number. Now she has to wait for the final decision. Good luck!

Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Brittany to Will “Do you plan to have children or just continue to have weirdly intimate relationships with high school students instead of children?”
  • So Britney’s the most brilliant scientific mind since Einstein? Yes for the Brittany Code!
  • Is it me or has Regionals and every other competition been held at Mckinley since season 2?
  • So Sugar & Joe just pop up for regionals and will probably disappear again… forever.
  • I laughed so much when Sam popped up at the ring shop and said “No, no he wants to do me, but we’re just friends”, awkward right Blaine?
  • Was I the only one that couldn’t their eyes off Santana’s body when she was changing? She’s so sexy!!!
  • I’m disappointed they dragged out this Catfish thing for so long just for it to be predictable, Unique.
  • One whole season with Vocal Adrenaline? Sad.
  • Wasn’t Jessica Sanchez amazing though!?
  • It was so cool of Marley to take the blame for Unique though.
  • The best part of this episode was the Brittana part.
  • This episode just felt like a goodbye Brittany episode.
  • I’m sorry but for a season finale this was extremely disappointing. I got NO closure.
  • Cliffhangers: Rachel’s Funny Girl audition, Blaine’s proposal, Brittany leaving for MIT, Ryder leaving New Directions.


Next time:

See you next season!

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