Scandal: 02×21: My World, My Rules

In this week’s episode entitled “Any Questions?” we see the revelation of the mole and his inside man, we also see Mellie call Fitz’s bluff… this time. Here’s what happened.

Damage Control

Cyrus is doing his rounds at a press conference answering a host of questions about Mellie’s recent reveal. Among the reporters is his husband, James (who seems to ask quite a lot of questions). He deflects and beats around most of the questions in true political fashion.


He later goes to Liv’s house after being asked where the President is. He interrupts Fitz & Liv in bed screaming for him to get up. Liv offers to help fix the scandal but Fitz is adamant that he doesn’t want or need her help. Yes Liv, he’s a grown man!

Mellie decides to hire her own Olivia Pope fixer. He has one rule upon working with her, that she’s honest with about everything. Mellie tells him she’ll be honest when she needs to be. He presses her for the name of the mistress that she conveniently didn’t name, but she refuses to tell him as it’s her final trump card.


James & Cyrus have a heated conversation where Cyrus accuses him of trying to stab him in the back and James defends himself by reminding him it was his job and asks how was he supposed to deal with Mellie’s reveal on live national television. Cyrus laughs at him and calls him naive and connects all the dots for him showing him the bigger picture that Mellie orchestrated him being hired for the interview to get back at him. Poor James, finally gets the dream job only to be Mellie’s pawn.

Cyrus is confronted by Jake’s boss and tells him that they caught Charlie snooping in Jake’s apartment. He also tells him to use the tape of Jake & Liv to his advantage and not make himself an obstacle in trying to separate them. He also warns Cyrus to no longer have any contact with Charlie. Uh oh, Charlie you in trouble boy!

Cyrus discovers that Fitz’s re-election papers were never filed and tells Liv, which prompts her to visit him. She asks him if he ever planned to go for re-election and he tells her it doesn’t matter because he chose her. She deduces that he didn’t do it because he doesn’t believe he can win fair and square by himself.

At the press conference, he ignores his original speech plans and announces his plans to run for re-election and that his marriage is none of their business. Boom! Yes Fitz tell them what’s up. He then finishes with the infamous line “any questions?”


Gladiator Power

Harrison confronts Liv about the her pending problem of being outed as Fitz’s mistress. He tells her that he’s her fixer and asks her what her endgame is. He continues to go on and on in his usual rat-a-tat talk about them being here for her now and she’s the client. But, Olivia dismisses it and reminds him of the task at hand.

Charlie gets compromised and is being chased by Jake. He manages to get away and calls Cyrus for help, but Cyrus pretends as if he doesn’t know him. So where does Charlie end up? Olivia Pope’s office. He has a gun held to David’s face but Huck has one at his face so he puts his gun down. He tells Olivia he wants the same deal as Huck where he’s free and not run anymore, but Olivia tells him there’s no deal for Huck.


Eventually they tie Charlie up, and Huck has him in a basement where he gets him to write down the name of the mole. Huck’s about to kill him and get his revenge when Quinn shows up and stops him and reminds him of some choice words he once gave her. He decides not to kill him and let him go now that they have the info they want.

Harrison checks the safe and realises that the Cytron card is missing, to which they blame Charlie. He calls Liv to tell him the news and gives her the name of the mole. It is revealed that Billy Chambers is the mole, and David is his aid by getting the Cytron card for him.

Zombie Rant:

  • Of all people Sally Langston would be the one to pop up and say how sorry she is about the scandal.
  • Am I the only one that finds it weird that Jake keeps re-watching his sextape with Olivia?
  • I’ve said it for weeks now that I NEVER trusted David. He’s such a sly snake.
  • Abby girl, David’s playing you so bad.
  • Seeing Cyrus running around like a headless chicken really is hilarious.
  • I kinda felt sorry for James, especially seeing he was one of Mellie’s pawns.
  • Sorry, but Mellie’s fixer hasn’t got a thing on Ms Olivia Pope.
  • This Gladiator allegiance is some next level shit.


Next time:

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