The Vampire Diaries: 04×22: Good Mourning Revival

In this week’s episode entitled “The Walking Dead” we see the return of quite a few familiar faces, and Bonnie’s magic takes a turn for the best and worst. Here’s what happened:

Doppleganger Issues

Elena is still hung up on trying to kill Katherine and Stefan is trying to get her to channel her energy elsewhere, like into boxing and training. She tells him that none of these distractions work as she’s made up her mind that she’s going to kill Katherine. Caroline & Rebekah each try and talk her out of it, but they all fail miserably, with Elena even saying she’s not going to apologise for all the hurtful things she said to Caroline while her humanity was off. Caroline you need to slap a bitch.


Elena finally finds Katherine and the two end up fighting with Elena actually winning. What she doesn’t know is that every blow to Katherine is a blow to Bonnie because they’re linked. Stefan finds Bonnie and she tells him about the link and he rushes off to find them. He eventually finds them and prevents Elena from landing the final blow, and also allows Katherine to escape. Elena must be so upset!

Witch Problems

Bonnie wants to break down the veil so that she can talk to her ancestor, Katsuya who’s the witch that put Silas away the first time. Unfortunately for Katherine, Bonnie also linked herself to her so that Katherine couldn’t escape with the stone. Katherine isn’t really happy about this and gets annoyed by it all.


Bonnie finally breaks the veil with the help of the blood stone. The first familiar face we see is good old Alaric, oh how I’ve missed him. He and Damon catch up and have a little drink and tells Damon that crossing to the other side is a choice not an automatic transition and that they’re bounded to the Expression Circle.


Silas in inside Bonnie’s head and she didn’t even realise it, he makes her see Alaric, Stefan & Caroline over and over again and then punishes her by letting her think she’s losing air. Luckily the whole breaking down the veil thing works in her favour and Grams comes back and saves her.


Bonnie channels some powerful energy and goes to where Damon has him tied up in Alaric’s form. She turns him into stone which sadly means we’ll never get to see his true face. They take him to the river and dump his body. Right after they do that, Alaric hands Damon the cure saying it was in Silas’ pocket. What you gonna do Damon, give it to her or toss it? (I’d toss it.)


Bonnie is adamant she’s going to use all her magic, dark and good to try and permanently bring Jeremy back to life. Grams advices her not to do it but she doesn’t listen and ends up fainting. Now out of all the people that have died, you’d bring back Jeremy and not even your own Grams, awkward with her standing right there.

She finally wakes up from fainting and realises she’s actually dead. Dun dun dun.

Annoying Reunions

The first supernatural Rebekah runs into his her dearly beloved brother, Kol. He demands the whereabouts of Elena as his only reason for coming back was to exact revenge on her. He’s about to kill Matt when the both admit they haven’t seen her and he stabs Matt and runs off. Now I don’t understand why Rebekah didn’t put up more of a fight to defend her man but okay then.

Kol finds Elena in the forest and he easily starts beating her to a pulp. He’s about to land the final blow when her brother in shining armour comes and asks Kol how many times he has to kill him. Kol gets scared and runs off , unfortunately allowing Elena to be spared once again.

Along with other friendly faces, a few vampire hunters decided to cross the veil. They explain to Rebekah that they’re here to finish their duty to kill Silas. Uh oh, things look like they’re about to get messy!


Zombie Rant:

  • And as usual, everyone’s back to tip-toeing around Elena and coddling her feelings.
  • I find it weird that no one really cares about Bonnie’s well being, or find it weird she’s doing a spell to bring all dead supernatural beings back to life.
  • Oh. RIP Bonnie.
  • I’m so annoyed Bonnie died, but she was getting out of control.
  • I know the show is about Elena, but if she died I think everyone would be better off without her.
  • So Klaus is gone, is Tyler ever going to come back?
  • I fail to believe Silas is gone so easily after they hyped him up as being so powerful.
  • It was nice seeing all those familiar faces though, especially Grams, Alaric and Lexie.

Next time:

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