Revenge: 02×21-22: The Truth We Know Hides Within

In this week’s episode finale entitled “Truth” we see several truths being revealed right, left and centre from all characters, and shocking deaths too. Here’s what happened:

Power Cut

The power is still out and everyone is scurrying around trying to get to some source of power while Conrad plans his victory speech. Emily is worried that Aiden is going to turn into the Initiative’s new David Clark.

Victoria is still sitting with Jack, carefree just casually lighting candles as she gets Jack to pour his whole heart out, plans and all. She takes him back to her house to look for the alleged computer that Amanda had with all the Flight 197 information. As expected, they don’t find the computer as Emily already tossed it into the ocean, but he does find a file about Amanda made by Victoria.  She tells him she made it as a precaution and that he can have it as she no longer has use for it. Ha, one day you might regret giving up that folder so easily Vic.

Elsewhere, Declan is still stuck inside the back with Regina. While inside the two get to talking and Declan realises that Regina has a crush on Charlotte.  He threatens to tell her but Regina is adamant she won’t let him and frames him for beating her up and stealing money. As expected Charlotte immediately believes her and leaves Declan. Now Charlotte, even if  he did steal the money, he was stealing it for YOUR bail money, so cut the guy some slack.

Conrad on the other hand is quite unphased by the blackout and is acting normally, commanding his troops as if he’s already won the election. Ashley is growing obviously suspicious of her boss, but she carries out her orders as usual.

Boom Goes The Dynamite

Later on, Victoria has breakfast with Conrad and gives him all the scoop from her rendezvous with Jack the night before. She tells him all about his plan to sabotage his campaign and that Ashley is involved with him too. Funnily enough Conrad was actually surprised at Ashley’s involvement when she’s clearly been about her own agenda from day one, but anyway.

Conrad decides to test Ashley by banning Jack from the event and gives Ashley the task of relaying this message. He does however catch her messaging him right after giving her the task. Ashley girl, you’re getting quite sloppy with this double agent gig.

Elsewhere Conrad’s putting his plan in motion by texting Jack from Ashley’s phone telling him to meet her at Grayson Global to get Amanda’s laptop. Nolan and Emily catch wind of his plan and realise it’s a trap. They both dash to the scene with Nolan leaving several voicemails for him to stop him from going.


While Conrad is making his grand Governor’s speech he gives a signal to the guy from Takeda’s infinity box. In the middle of his speech everyone’s phone goes off and they get a text saying ‘Long Live David Clark’ and then the next thing we see is an explosion from the top floor of Grayson Global.

Poor Emily rushes into the exploded building in search of Jack and sees a body but is carried out by firefighters. Nolan calls her and tells her Jack was just with him at NolCorp where he enquired about how he knew about the explosion.

Baby Daddy Problems

Victoria finds a pregnancy test in Daniel’s bin and immediately goes to confront him about it. He dismisses her accusations and insists Emily is not pregnant. Victoria then realises ‘oh wait I have two children, a daughter at that’ and then pieces the puzzle together.

She later sees Declan looking for Charlotte trying to apologise and explain himself properly, but Victoria brings him aside and denounces his existence from her family. Her stern talk reveals to Declan that Charlotte’s pregnant (which he didn’t know before). Victoria’s final words to him, rather harsh but that he should leave her family alone.

Charlotte finally realises Declan is telling the truth after he pleads to her again on the phone and finally leaves Regina to go see her man. Poor Charlotte shouldn’t have lied about her whereabouts as the next time she sees her baby daddy he’s being rolled out on a stretcher fighting for his life.

Jack sneaks into the hospital with Emily’s help and is able to see his brother without the Grayson’s seeing him. He goes back to the hospital later and sees Nolan but no Declan, he asks for his brother’s whereabouts several times and then Nolan breaks the new that his brother’s dead.


Goodbye Sensei

Emily and Nolan discover a dead Takeda in his apartment and she breaks down crying. They discover Takeda’s infinty box and realise he’s cleaning house and wonders who could be next.

Emily returns home distraught about Takeda’s death and Aiden offers a warm embrace. He offers her a way out of her path of vengeance and as expected she declines. She does notice blood and scars on Aiden’s arm and realise he was the one that killed Takeda. Aiden tries to explain why he did it and reveals Takeda’s real agenda which is basically getting Emily to get revenge for him for his fiance’s passing. Takeda’s finace was on Flight 197! And the plot thickens! He continues to tell her they were were fighting his war for him, but Emily doesn’t want to hear it anymore and sends him away.


Aiden ends up getting caught on the Canadian border by the FBI. He’s brought in for questioning and demands a lawyer but his request is denied. The next we see is Aiden gets out magically and is at Emily’s house where he sees Daniel. Aiden offers him some advice telling him if he married Emily he’d regret it everyday and the two end up fighting. We don’t see the conclusion of the fight, but we do see Daniel later with blood stained clothes. Does that mean Aiden’s dead?

The FBI come for Nolan and take him in for questioning for acts of terrorism. Nolan tries to plead innocent and blame it on Edith and the Initiative, but sadly they had a back up plan which ended up being Padma’s video before her death which destroys Nolan’s character and undermines everything he said. Poor Nolan, when will you ever find a proper love interest?

Emily races to stop Jack from killing Conrad and makes it just in time. She talks him out of him by revealing her secret, that she is in fact Amanda Clark. Dun dun dun!


Zombie Rant:

  • Victoria is so sneaky, she got Jack to out Ashley so easily!
  • Everyone warns Jack, don’t trust Victoria so easily, and he does and gets stabbed in the back. But he deserves every single stab to be honest.
  • Victoria has just been reading everyone their rights all episode!
  • I felt no remorse for Conrad when Victoria spat in his face. Well deserved to be honest.
  • It was sooo obvious that Conrad planned the explosion and Ashley sees right through it.
  • Seems like the Porters are the only ones with viable sperm to reproduce in this show.
  • Why does all the tragedy only seem to hit Jack in this show?
  • As much as I hated on Declan every week calling him irrelevant, his death was so sad. RIP Declan, your irrelevance will be missed… by Charlotte & Jack.
  • I hope Charlotte can live with herself knowing she killed Declan, if she hadn’t lied about being with Daniel he would have never been there in the first place.
  • Am I the only one very confused as to how Aiden got away from the FBI scotch free?
  • I always knew Padma would be Nolan’s downfall.
  • Ashley is so sly and I love it! She basically applies all of Conrad’s ‘wise’ words against him so easily.
  • So they’re just gonna leave it as if Daniel killed Aiden, really though?
  • It wouldn’t be a real finale if Emily didn’t finally confess to Jack.
  • This is the second time Jack has come between Emily & Daniel. These writers better not make it a third.
  • Victoria would get a visit from her son in the heart of a crisis.

Next time:

See you next season!

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