Scandal: 02×22: Wake Up, Smell The Justice

In this week’s season finale episode entitled “White Hat’s Back On” we see a lot of closet skeletons coming to life and in true Shonda Rhimes fashion, a shocking reveal. Here’s what happened:

Defiance 2.0

An emergency Defiance meeting is called with all members present, including Fitz. They all discuss        the mole situation and that Billy Chambers has the Cytron card and they try to think of who Billy would use as a proxy to get the information out there. Mellie doesn’t want to be apart of the meeting anymore and admits to Cyrus she’s tired of being embarrassed. Cyrus ensures her she will get Fitz back and that she should just be patient.

After the meeting Olivia and Fitz stay back and talk. She tells him that 4 years is a long time to wait, but she’ll have to deal with it. Fitz asks her what she’s talking about because he’s divorcing Mellie, running for another term and he will also be marrying her and she will be moving into the White House with him. Just like me, all Olivia could do is laugh.

Olivia decides to follow the lead from the Defiance meeting and they deduce that Reston would be the best candidate for Billy to take the Cytron info too. Their theory is proved right when Reston pays Fitz a personal visit and tells him he knows about Defiance and the election rigging. Fitz tries to pretend as if he has no idea what he’s talking about, but Reston knows better and states his ultimatum. He tells Fitz he wants a joint unity ticket and to kick out Sally. Reston gives him 24 hours to come up with a decision or he goes nuclear.

Cyrton Chambers

David meets with co-conspirer Billy Chambers to discuss the Cytron card. Billy pleads with him to give it to him and explains that killing Molly & Wendy and the CIA director were all casualties in his plan and so was framing him. He also reminds David that Olivia destroyed his life and David agrees and gives him the card. We also learn that Billy & Charlie were working together after they made a pact to leak highly sensitive government info.

Later on, Abby grows suspicious of Charlie being able to actually crack the safe’s password in such a short amount of time. We then see in a flashback that while David stayed at Pope & Assoc. over night he had a book with all potentials passwords for the safe and tried thousands of different combinations until he was successful.


Back at Pope & Associates Huck is becoming worried about Quinn. Liv asks why and he tells her it’s because she’s becoming way too much like him. His fears come true when they ambush Billy at his apartment and Huck has a panic attack and can’t perform his usual form of torture. Quinn fills his shoes and drills into Billy without breaking a sweat. While torturing him Billy spills that the card he has was the one that David gave him. Poor Huck, he’s raised a killer and he only just realised. After their mission, Huck seems to have a breakdown again and goes back to his corner.


They later deduce that David played them and did all of this just to get close to the Cytron card. They try to find a way to get the real Cytron card from David at another Defiance meeting when Cyrus gets a call that David is sitting in his office waiting for him. David gives Cyrus the card in exchange for a deal. He also leaves a box on Olivia’s desk containing a tape recording of his conversation with Billy where he admits to killing all those people, and also a white hat.

In a public press conference, Fitz personally thanks David and dubs him as a hero for outing the mole, and names him the new District of Colombia US Attorney.


Knocking On Death’s Door

Jake’s boss tells him he wants to arrange a meeting to meet Olivia. Jake enquires why he wants to meet her, but he is reminded of his position and told to do his job. Later on, he has a meeting with Cyrus where he reminds him to deal with Fitz as he is dealing with Olivia. Cyrus questions his motives, but he tells him that it’s one of those ‘if I tell you I’ll have to kill you’ things.

Olivia hears rattling at her door and gets up to lock the door, Jake just happens to be in her house and muffles her so she keeps quiet. A female agents busts through the door with a gun in hand and Jake shoots her before she can do anything. She thanks Jake for saving her yet again, and he admits he’s gonna be in trouble for his actions. She tries to help him, but he tells her the truth that his mission was to get close to her and sleep with her. Ouch Jake, why you pretending like you don’t have feelings for Ms Pope?

To Be Or Not To Be

Mellie wants to capitalise on the public support as Fitz’s approval has gone up. Unfortunately for her, Fitz tells her that she will be leaving the White House as he will be leaving her. He also reveals his grand plan (done by Olivia) which counters every possible action Mellie can throw at him, and boy did that leave Mellie speechless (for the first time).

Cyrus is fed up of the Romeo & Juliet love story Fitz & Liv are trying to have and reminds that their lives aren’t a romance novel. He also reminds them that he’s tried to play nice but he can’t anymore, so he tells Olivia about Fitz killing Verna and asks her if she really wants to be with a murderer. Back at the White House, he saves Fitz the speech and just plays him Olivia’s sextape with Jake which visibly upsets him.

After Cyrus’ huge revelation, Fitz & Liv finally talk about it and they both agree to a clean slate where she tells him to run for President with Mellie as his wife. Fitz tries to fight her decision, but concedes in the end. We later see him going to Mellie, literally grovelling.


After Defiance has finally been put to rest, Olivia resumes her life as normal, only to be bombarded with paparazzi outside her door asking if she is in fact the president’s mistress. She is then escorted into a car where she meets the mystery man (Jake’s boss) who is actually her dad.


Zombie Rant:

  • Hollis’ answer to everything is always to just kill somebody. Quick and straight to the point I guess.
  • I couldn’t help but laugh at Fitz and his ‘superpower’ .
  • That Cyrus-James hospital scene was so hilarious!
  • Does this mean that Abby & David can finally be together again?
  • I knew David gave Billy a fake card, once a gladiator, always a gladiator.
  • I DIED when Fitz read Mellie to the ground at Cyrus’ hospital bed, especially when Cyrus asked if Olivia came up with it and he said yes she did. YESSS!!!
  • Am I the only one that saw Cyrus’ heart attack coming? He over works himself so much.
  • Was I the only one hoping for Fitz to go crazy at Jake?
  • I felt sorry for Jake when they put him in the hole, especially seeing the effect it had on Huck.
  • So… Olivia was maybe trying to be killed by her dad. Interesting.
  • I’m happy David made the right decision and is back where he’s supposed to be.
  • I am so happy with this finale and Shonda Rhimes only left one cliffhanger and not 100 like other shows *cough Revenge*


Next time:

See you next season!

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One thought on “Scandal: 02×22: Wake Up, Smell The Justice

  1. I’m just so done with Shonda. Why can’t any love stories she writes have a happy ending?? Every single time I start to have some hope for Olivitz my heart winds up broken. She’s playing with my emotions 😥

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