The Vampire Diaries: 04×23: Goodbye

In this week’s season finale episode entitled “Graduation” we see death (as usual), resurrection  dopplegangers, and the season wrapped up nicely in a bow, tucked away until next season. Here’s what happened:


Caroline is super excited about graduation while a dead Bonnie really isn’t too thrilled and wants to cancel. Caroline won’t let her and reminds her it’s their most important day together. Grams tells her to go and she’ll look after her body so she can say her final goodbyes. The whole gang actually do end up graduating without a hitch, which makes Caroline very happy (for once).



Kol gives the other Supernaturals a nice speech about hunting the living as they put them on the other side in the first place. He later goes to Bonnie and tells her he wants the veil permanently dropped so he can live again. Bonnie unsurprisingly outsmarts him and locks him in her invisible magic box thingy until nightfall when the veil is closed.

Matt is once again in another damsel in distress situation where he’s trapped on an exploding board, where if he moves he’ll be blow to pieces. Rebekah tells him about all the nice places she wants to take him and they kiss and switch places on the board. She tells Matt to runaway and she detonates the board, much to her ex fiance hunter’s dismay.


 The 12 witches that Caroline killed are back and trying to get revenge on the gang, but luckily for them Klaus shows up and kills one, setting quite a good example for the rest. Klaus’ return also means that Damon gets cured. He also offers Caroline a first class ticket to join him in New Orleans, but he already knows her answer would be no. So he does the second best thing, he allows Tyler to return to Mystic Falls since he’s her first love and he wants to be her last. Awww, so sweet. Can Tyler like die and not come back so they can be together? Please?


Cure Drama

Damon finally gives Elena the cure but she refuses to take it saying she doesn’t want it. Damon does the next best thing and gives it to the Hunter, leading him on a goose chase to get to Silas. He ends up shooting Damon several times with werewolf-venom laced bullets, but luckily Alaric saves him in the nick of time.

Back at the house Elena thanks Stefan for everything he’s done and tries to give him the cure. As expected he rejects it saying he did all he did for her and can’t accept it.

Elena runs into Katherine while looking for Bonnie and Jeremy. Katherine is still pressed about Elena’s life being better than hers and the two decide to have round 2 of their fight. This time, Katherine’s winning. She’s about to kill Elena when Elena shoves the cure down Katherine’s throat. So I guess Katherine is now human, no more reign of terror.


Adios Dead People!

Bonnie finally closes the veil and we see our favourite dead supernaturals disappear one by one. Jeremy and Bonnie share one final kiss before the veil is closed and he goes away forever. Afterwards, Jeremy realises that he’s still here and Bonnie smiles and says yes, he goes to hug her in excitement and realises he can see, but can’t feel her. Bonnie explains she got him to come back to life at a cost. She reminds him he can see ghosts so they’ll be able to talk, and asks him not to tell her friends due to them all being happy now. Don’t worry Jer, several other obsessive crazy witches out there for you to pick from.

Elsewhere Stefan is unpacking the bag with stone Silas and he realises something’s wrong. He looks up and finds Silas in the form of Elena, explaining to him he has a doppleganger, which is nature’s way of balancing things out. Guess who his doppleganger is? Yup, Stefan. Silas gets all hostile and stabs Stefan and locks him in a safe and then throws him into the river. Let’s hope Stefan’s had a few swimming lessons!

Zombie Rant:

  • I have to say, Kol’s speech to the other dead Supernaturals was all true.
  • The irony of Jeremy being the voice of reason to Elena.
  • When Klaus saved the gang from those witches, he reminded me of a knight in shining armour.
  • I wish Klaus & Caroline ended up together, I haven’t missed Tyler one bit this since he’s been gone.
  • Suck that Stefan! Elena chose Damon without being sired!
  • Is it just me or did Bonnie seem to be super in love with Jeremy after his death?
  • What annoys me is they went all season looking for this cure and NO ONE willingly wanted to take it!!!!
  • So is that it? Is Bonnie really dead?!!!!!
  • Not even gonna comment on Bonnie dying a virgin. All this hocus pocus for some D. I don’t have the time.
  • Why must Elena’s needs always come before everyone else’s on this show, Jeremy died getting the cure for Elena who turned around and doesn’t want it anymore, yet Bonnie feels this huge burden to bring him back to life at the cost of her own? RUBBISH.
  • I really enjoyed having Alaric & Lexie back. If only they were brought back and not annoying Jeremy.
  • Katherine being a human is going to be so boring since she won’t be snarky, but I have to say, amazing plot twist.
  • I have to give credit where credit is due, amazing season finale, I’m just very upset about Bonnie.
  • Cliffhangers: Stefan drowning in the safe, Katherine is now a human, Bonnie is dead, Jeremy is alive, Tyler can return to Mystic Falls.


Next time:

See you next season!

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