Pretty Little Liars: 04×01: Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer

In this week’s episode entitled “‘A’ Is For A-l-i-v-e” we see the episode pick up right where last season’s left off and we get a few answers about some of last season’s mysteries.

The Liars + 1

The episode continues where the last season’s left off with Liars plus Mona discovering what was in the Wilden’s trunk, but I’m sure to your dismay and many other viewers, it was only a dead pig.


The Liars see someone coming and try to runaway, but Mona stops to get the footage from Wilden’s car to save Hanna’s mum. They nearly get caught but Mona manages to retrieve it before being suspected and they drive off to safety. With very good reason, they are very suspicious of Mona and don’t trust her. So Spencer suggests they play a game called ‘Third Degree’ where they ask her a million and one questions which clear up a lot of things.

Mona later shows the Liars her lair and her laptop with some videos of them. Before they can finishing viewing everything, Mona’s laptop gets wiped and everything goes bye bye. Typical Liars’ luck, they finally get inside help and it disappears within 5 minutes.

Awkward Encounters

Aria runs into Ezra at a coffee shop and awkward is too light of a word to use to describe their encounter. He tells her that he’s still in Rosewood because he got a job offer and he’s thinking of taking it as he has a family to take care of now.

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Later at school, Aria is caught staring at Ezra by her principal and gets called to his office. She imagines the worst scenario where he knows about them and actually has photographic evidence of the two in bed. Her dream ends with Ezra getting arrested,  but thankfully her dreams didn’t equate to reality and he merely wanted to give her a package for her mum. Silly Aria being all paranoid.

Emily is tossing up what she should tell Paige about their latest ‘A’ encounter. Paige on the other hand got into Stanford and wants Emily to join her so they can get away from ‘A’ for good and because she loves her. Aww. Emily thinks about it for 2 seconds and decides to agree to join her lover in a life outside of Rosewood.

Mona and Hanna later go shopping and hang out a bit. When they get back to Hanna’s house, Mona tells her that she knows she’s only pretending to be her friend. Mona gives her the hard drive from Wilden’s car and advises her to burn it. See, Mona can by nice!


Dead By Association

The Liars drive past a crime scene and see a dead body on ground, a convenient wind blows the blanket off and they see that body is actually Wilden.

The Liars decide to pay their final respects to Wilden go to his funeral to investigate the note Spencer got. Spencer goes to investigate Wilden’s coffin and hears a phone ringing. She’s joined by Mona who also got the same message. They don’t answer the phone but go through the call log and phone someone called ‘Kisses’ which turns out to be Hanna’s mum.

After the funeral ends, they are introduced to a new police officer who claims to work closely with Wilden and agrees with Liars that he was a bit obsessed with them. He tells them they’ll need to come into the station for questioning. See girls, you kill one detective and another springs out of nowhere!

The Liars receive another text from ‘A’, this time containing video evidence of them at Wilden’s car the night that he died. Uh oh, someone’s in trouble!

Zombie Rant:

  • I can’t believe they trolled us all this time by having a pig in the trunk.
  • Hanna is back and in full force with her comedic genius!
  • Well Hanna’s hair grew back quickly…
  • I’m confused as to why Alison’s mum is back.
  • RIP Wilden, it was fun while it lasted, don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable!
  • How creepy was the scene of the Liars with their mini-mes and the dolls?
  • So Wilden was the Queen of Hearts at the Halloween thing, and was working with Melissa.. Hmm.
  • I’m actually enjoying Mona as a new Liar, I hope she sticks around.
  • Jenna on the other hand… her message for Toby was more than a bit eerie.

Next time:

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