Pretty Little Liars: 04×04: Are You Hurt Or Are You Injured?

In this week’s episode entitled “Face Time” we see the Liars getting more info about last Halloween, and some of the Liars deal with problems at home. Here’s what happened:

Meet The Parents

Emily’s dad is back in town due to the call made to family services last episode. Due to her unexplained injury her doctor called them concerned she was being abused at home. Emily later has a really heated argument with her parents where they ask her what’s going on with her and if someone hurt her. As usual, Emily denies being hurt by someone and refuses to give her concerned parents the scoop of her run-ins with ‘A’. She ends up storming out and later meeting up with Paige who reassures her that everything will be alright.

Later on, Emily returns home to see the cops outside her house, questioning her parents about a public disturbance complaint which is related to their argument earlier.  Uh oh…


Spencer has coffee with her mum and Melissa where they discuss the many different clothing pieces she accumulated from her globe trotting, trying to justify each piece. Spencer’s college comes up in the conversation and she breaks the news that she was rejected from the family college. Her mum was not pleased and forces her to take Melissa’s help to try and get in. Poor Spencer, having to deal with Melissa and her condescending ways.

Hanna is still very concerned about her mum and if she was actually in Rosewood when Wilden was killed. She decides to pay her mum a visit and runs into Detectives Holbrook & Tanner at her office going through Wilden’s vault. In the vault they find 2 passports and a gun.  They question Ashley about the gun and she seems extremely nervous, but answers all their questions. Hanna I know you want to help, but you need to chill.


Aria and Spencer planted Alison’s mask in Melissa’s suitcase to watch her reaction and see what she would do. Aria goes back to see the guy who owns the mask store, where she finds other masks of Alison and confronts him about it. He admits that they were too beautiful to destroy so he kept them, and also gives her information about the last time he saw Alison.


Spencer finds Melissa at the bridge and Melissa realises that Spencer set her up with the mask. Spencer proceeds to question her and Melissa tells her she wouldn’t understand because she did everything to protect her and it’s way deeper now than she could ever explain. She did however, reveal to Spencer that she wasn’t on Wilden’s side and that he was the one that started the fire at the house and she sent Shawna & Jenna to spy on the Liars because she honestly believes Alison is still alive.

Zombie Rant:

  • The way Ashley looks so guilty while they’re cleaning out Wilden’s vault.
  • I’m still very confused how Hanna’s hair is basically longer than Aria & Spencer’s so quickly.
  • Well Jake was a quickie, at least he left her with good advice.
  • Ashley girl, it’s best you come clean to Hanna and stop this lying, she knows better.
  • Yes, at Emily finally getting a backbone and standing up for herself, too bad it’s against her parents.
  • Is it me or do Tanner & Holbrook have this menacing look about them?
  • It kinda sucks how Emily hurt her arm and messed up her chance of getting a swimming scholarship.
  • Do you guys really believe that Melissa was trying to protect Spencer?
  • What would Hanna do without Caleb constantly saving her in awkward situations?
  • Interesting turn of events, as usual they give us one answer but send us for another loop.


Next time:

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