Pretty Little Liars: 04×05: Sorority Row

In this week’s episode entitled “Gamma Zeta Die” we see one of the Liars arrested while the others try to deal with their own personal problems. Here’s what happened:


Aria is extremely worried about her mum being in town due to fearing ‘A’ will do something to hurt her. Her fears are reinforced when ‘A’ sets up a bee attack in Ella’s car causing her to get hurt.

Unfortunately for Aria, her brother doesn’t share the same sentiments about her mum running off to Europe with her new boyfriend and wants her to stay in Rosewood. The two have a heated argument about the matter with Mike ending it by saying she just wants to go boffing her teacher again. Ouch!

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She later decides to turn to her dad for help and asks him to speak to her mum on the matter, telling him that he’s the only one that can free her from Rosewood and he needs to do that. Byron is very reluctant at first, but ends up having the conversation with Ella letting her know it’s alright for her to go.


Hanna has a nightmare about her mum going to jail in an orange jumpsuit and a horribly shaved head. She continues to be suspicious of her mum and doesn’t tell her about the dream when she comes in to ask what’s wrong.


Ashley on the other hand seems to be fighting the guilt of something and goes to pay Veronica (Spencer’s mum) a visit. Ashley tells her that she thinks the police are building a case against her and she’s worried. Veronica tells her not to worry as she’ll find out what’s going on from her inside source inside the police department.

Hanna, still worried and suspicious if her mum actually killed Wilden realises something is missing at home. She tries to go into her mum’s closet but realises for the first time it’s locked. She manages to pick the lock and get inside only to find what looks to be Hanna’s dad’s gun. In her own, stupid but caring way, Hanna decides to get rid of the gun and tells her friends about it.

After being fed up of waiting for Spencer and Emily at the sorority party, Hanna goes to bury the gun by herself, which leads to her being caught by the police and arrested. Girl, Spencer told you to wait for her and keep still, why you gotta be so impatient?


Spencer & Emily

Spencer’s mum hires her a college tutor that will help her apply to the her college’s and get her in by telling her exactly what to they’re looking for. As usual, Spencer seems less than enthused about this, but complies to it as it was set up by her mum.

Emily on the other hand is still dealing with not being able to go to Stanford due to her swimming injury, and is a bit upset because of it. She happens to run into Bernard, Spencer’s college tutor at the coffee shop and the two beginning talking about Emily’s future colleges. When Spencer finally does show up for her meeting she sets her bigger agenda into action which is getting to the area code of the phone number the parrot was singing.


Emily & Spencer visit the college with Spencer there to try and get answers about the phone number and Emily actually being there to see what the college has to offer. The two get into a little argument about their priorities with Spencer reminding her that she’s been flirting with Brendan the whole time and she forgot to tell him she’s gay.

Later on Spencer’s thoughts are justified when Brendan starts hitting on her again, but Emily nicely breaks it down for him and tells him she’s gay. Emily you gotta stop batting them eyelashes at every and anyone, keep it cute please.

Spencer stumbles across this empty cell type room in the sorority house and finds a pink phone. She plugs it in and calls Aria and the it turns out to be the same number the parrot was singing. Dun dun dun.

Zombie Rant:

  • I always like it when Ella’s back, I love seeing Holly Marie Combs on my TV.
  • And this week Aria’s hairs longer…
  • So Emily can just pause working to sit and hold a long convo with a customer? Ok.
  • Why is Hanna so tormented and bored she has to go digging for stuff in her mum’s closet?
  • I miss Mona. 😦
  • Poor Brendan, thought Emily was actually interested in him.
  • Hanna would be the one to get caught though.
  • Hanna is a prime example of when curiosity killed the cat, if she had kept herself quiet, she wouldn’t be in this situation now.

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