Suits: 03×01: The New Darby-Pearson

In this week’s episode entitled “The Arrangement” Harvey makes plans to get his revenge on Jessica, and Mike tries to figure out what to do with Rachel. Here’s what happened:

To Quit Or Not To Quit

Mike has a nightmare that Rachel outs him in front of everyone at the partner’s meeting for the merger. The nightmare prompts him to break the 2 day silence between them so he pays her a visit. As usual Rachel overreacts and gets all dramatic stating she feels like she doesn’t even know who he is and all that rubbish. Mike tells Rachel that he doesn’t regret telling her because if he didn’t they wouldn’t have had their steamy hookup, to which Rachel agrees. Rachel thinks that the only way out for Mike is for him to just quit his job and move on.


Later on the when Rachel realises Mike hasn’t taken her not so golden advice, she gets all upset with him, with Mike telling her that he tried to tell Jessica but instead he got a new office. Rachel reveals that the main reason she’s upset is because she’s tried so hard to get to where he is, and she’s failed so many times. Now Rachel, we all know Mike could and would ace that exam, it’s no one’s fault but yours that you’re a flop.

From London With Love

Harvey decides to send Scotty to London instead of having her stay in New York with him. Also, Harvey still isn’t happy with the new Darby-Pearson merger and is trying to do everything to get out of it. He even goes as far as making a deal with Darby that if he wins his current case, Darby will fire him and destroy his non-compete, to which Darby happily agrees to.


Harvey ends up having to go to Scotty for help due to him still not talking to Mike. He follows her to the airport where he tells her he really does care for her and this is for the best as she gets to keep her job. She calls him a dick and ends up helping him over drinks.

Later on, after a heated argument with Mike where he begs for forgiveness, Harvey goes back to Darby to change the deal he made. This time, he wants Darby to back him for managing partner, which Darby smartly summed up as him wanting to take down Jessica. Well this should be interesting, because we all know Jessica won’t be going down without a fight.

Quartermaster Woes

Louis is upset about the new Quartermaster changing his favourite uniball pens to some cheaper ones that destroy his shirt and break so easily. He’s also upset that his favourite bran bars are also being removed and is out to get revenge.


Louis ends up discovering that the new Quartermaster who’s name was a pseudonym to something else, realises it was Nigel all along trying to get revenge on him for having him banished for 3 days (and 3 nights). Louis decides to take the matter to Darby by making him make him the new Quartermaster. Unfortunately for Louis he played right into Nigel’s hand and loses his associates in the process. Aww, see why you shouldn’t be so mean to people Louis? Revenge is a bitch.

Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: ‘Harvey isn’t Superman, he’s Batman. And Batman needs Robin’ Louis to Mike.
  • Why does Rachel have to be such a drama queen and make everything about her?
  • I love how Donna always messes with Louis, she gave him such a nice moustache.
  • Only Harvey can go toe to toe with Jessica and actually win most of the times.
  • I don’t get why Rachel is so upset, we all know he can ace the exam anyway, so why so pressed love?
  • Nigel ain’t playing with Louis at all. Round one: Nigel 1 | Louis 0
  • I still don’t get why Harvey is so up in his feelings with Mike & Jessica.
  • I love that Mike is actually learn how to beat Jessica at her own games.


Next time:

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