Suits: 03×02: All For One And One For All


In this week’s episode entitled “I Want You To Want Me” relationships try to be mended as others barely hang on. Here’s what happened:

The New Intern

Louis gives a big emotional speech to the associates as he bids them farewell as he is no longer looking after them. Jessica feels bad for him and decides Continue reading


Suits: 03×01: The New Darby-Pearson


In this week’s episode entitled “The Arrangement” Harvey makes plans to get his revenge on Jessica, and Mike tries to figure out what to do with Rachel. Here’s what happened:

To Quit Or Not To Quit

Mike has a nightmare that Rachel outs him in front of everyone at the partner’s meeting for the merger. The nightmare prompts him to Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars: 03×24: Hope Breeds Eternal Misery


In the season finale entitled ‘A Dangerous gAme’ we see surprise returns and the dead coming back to life, as well as the answers to a few burning questions. Here’s how it went down:

Better Late Than Never

Spencer is officially out of Radley and her family is throwing her a party to let everyone know she’s fine and was only suffering from exhaustion.

Jenna’s back in Rosewood after quite a long leave of absence. Unfortunately for poor Jenna, her eyesight will see good and bad days, but will end up with her
Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars: 03×23: I’m In.


In this week’s episode entitled ‘I’m Your Puppet’ we see ‘A’ manipulating the girls as usual but this time at the cost of a few relationships. Here’s what happened:

Follow The Map

The episode begins with the Liars visiting Spencer at Radley. They try to convince her to come home now with Hanna even telling her that they found the body and it isn’t Toby. Spencer, still adamant that the body she saw in the woods was Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars: 03×22: What Do You Have To Change Inside To Survive?


In this week’s episode entitled ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken?’ we see missing people being found and identified plus an interesting proposal.

Radley Issues   

The Liars haven’t seen or heard from Spencer in a while and are concerned. They see Melissa at school and she asks them if they have seen her, to which they deny. She begs them to tell her if they get any information about her whereabouts to which they all agree. Continue reading