Pretty Little Liars: 04×06: Welcome to Ravenswood


In this week’s episode entitled “Under the Gun” we see the introduction of Ravenswood, Mona’s grand return and the consequences of being too kind. Here’s what happened:

Nice Girls Finish Last

Emily has a new employee assigned to her to train him at the Brew. He knocks over some plates and Continue reading


Pretty Little Liars: 04×05: Sorority Row


In this week’s episode entitled “Gamma Zeta Die” we see one of the Liars arrested while the others try to deal with their own personal problems. Here’s what happened:


Aria is extremely worried about her mum being in town due to fearing ‘A’ will do something to hurt her. Her fears are reinforced when Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars: 04×04: Are You Hurt Or Are You Injured?


In this week’s episode entitled “Face Time” we see the Liars getting more info about last Halloween, and some of the Liars deal with problems at home. Here’s what happened:

Meet The Parents

Emily’s dad is back in town due to the call made to family services last episode. Due to her unexplained injury her doctor called them concerned she was Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars: 04×01: Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer


In this week’s episode entitled “‘A’ Is For A-l-i-v-e” we see the episode pick up right where last season’s left off and we get a few answers about some of last season’s mysteries.

The Liars + 1

The episode continues where the last season’s left off with Liars plus Mona discovering what was in the Wilden’s trunk, but I’m sure to your dismay and many other viewers, it was Continue reading