Suits: 03×02: All For One And One For All

In this week’s episode entitled “I Want You To Want Me” relationships try to be mended as others barely hang on. Here’s what happened:

The New Intern

Louis gives a big emotional speech to the associates as he bids them farewell as he is no longer looking after them. Jessica feels bad for him and decides that now’s the right time for him to get his own intern. As expected, Louis wants Mike. He tries to ask Donna for her thoughts on it and she sends him to Harvey where Harvey gives him permission to take Mike.


Louis decides to ask Mike to work on a case with him, hoping to reel him with it. Mike clocks onto what Louis is really after and asks him why he didn’t just ask him straight up. Louis tells him he knows he’d have said no to which Mike agrees. They end up winning their case together which along with his Harvey drama prompts Mike to say yes to being Louis new intern. Louis goes to get a celebratory gift to commemorate his new addition to Team Litt, but on his return he sees he’s actually lost again to Team Spectre. Poor guy, never catches a break.


Lady Trouble

Rachel speaks to Donna about the Mike-Harvey situation and asks her to help fix it. Rachel’s seemingly simple request results in the two arguing and Donna walking off. Trying to let off some steam, Rachel tells Mike about her little fight with Donna and he gets upset that she’s trying to fight his battles for him. He also goes on to tell her that Harvey didn’t want her to know about his secret, which non-surprisingly gets Rachel upset. It seems like Rachel is forever upset with everyone and everything…


Donna tries to patch things up with Rachel but things only get worse when she reveals that she also told Mike to break things off with Rachel. Rachel is obviously very hurt and goes back to telling her that all she does is protect Harvey to which Donna reminds her that yes, it’s her job. Donna stops Rachel from going any further, before they can’t get back from this point again. Yes at Donna not going to take any disrespect from Rachel and just leaving her in her feelings.


Harvey Problems

Harvey tells Donna about his plan to get back Jessica. As expected Donna is all for it as long as he’s sure that’s what he really wants, to which he confirms.

Mike confronts Harvey again and unfortunately for Mike, Harvey dismisses him telling him they’re done.


Jessica regrets where she and Harvey are now and got on his case so they could try and work through things. He asks her if she had to do it all again, if she’d betray him like that, and she says she would, she’d do whatever it takes to win. Which obviously reassures Harvey of his plan and his motive to win and become Managing Partner.

In a very Harvey-like move, he sabotages Louis finally snagging Mike as his intern by telling him to come back where he belongs and all that stuff. So again, Harvey 1 million | Louis -10.

Zombie Rant:

  • It was sad but also so hilarious when Louis was giving his final words to his associates.
  • How hilarious was Donna’s ‘most emotional question’ to Rachel?
  • So is every episode going to have a Mike & Rachel fight?
  • I don’t think any of us doubted for a second that Donna wouldn’t back Harvey’s coup.
  • It’s kinda sad how Louis always seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes on to Harvey & Mike.
  • Do you guys think things will ever be the same with Jessica & Harvey?
  • I’m actually happy that Harvey finally came around, his moodiness was getting kinda annoying.
  • How awkward was that Mike-Louis mud scene though?
  • I kinda wish Mike had taught Harvey a lesson and actually went with Louis.


Next time:

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