Pretty Little Liars: 04×06: Welcome to Ravenswood

In this week’s episode entitled “Under the Gun” we see the introduction of Ravenswood, Mona’s grand return and the consequences of being too kind. Here’s what happened:

Nice Girls Finish Last

Emily has a new employee assigned to her to train him at the Brew. He knocks over some plates and Aria offers to go over and help as she recognises him as one of her brother’s friends. The two have a little chat and then before you know it Aria is helping him with his homework. Right when Conor was about to leave, he plants a huge kiss bomb on Aria and she pushes him off and lets him know that she doesn’t like him like that. Yes Aria, stand up for yourself.

The following day at school Mike confronts Aria asking how she could hook up with one of his friends. A very pissed off Aria storms into the locker rooms to set Conor straight about what happened between them. Conor laughs it off telling her to drop the virgin act and that everyone knows about her and Ezra. Ezra interrupts then and gets Aria to leave and then asks her what happened. She refuses his help and tells him to leave her alone. Aria girl, he was only trying to help, keep it cute boo.


Man Down

Officer Tanner interrogates Hanna and asks her who she’s trying to protect and why. Just before Hanna can answer, her mum storms in and tells her her bail is paid and their lawyer is on the way. Yes Ashley, don’t let them do this to poor Hanna.

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Tom (Hanna’s dad) shows up and is furious about his gun being in the mess. He asks Hanna why she took and when she took it. She admits that she didn’t take it from his house, & Ashley tells him she’s been set up. She also admits that she took it for protection from Wilden as she was scared of him.

Later on, Lieutenant Tanner returns to the Marrin house to arrest Ashley as her fingerprints are on the bullets of the gun. Uh oh, you in trouble Ash!



Shawna is now a student at Rosewood high and is a member of the swim team having taken Emily’s spot, much to Emily’s dismay.


Mona returns and tells Emily & Aria all about Spencer & Toby’s secret deal with ‘A’ about the RV. As expected Aria & Emily are not very happy about Spencer hiding it from them and she doesn’t make it any better for herself when she refuses to explain herself.

Spencer and Toby follow their lead to Ravenswood which is also called Creepytown by Spencer. They go looking for Mrs Gremwald who she believes manned the hidden room at the university they visited last week. They eventually find her in a hair salon and Spencer pounds on the questions. To no surprise Mrs Gremwald plead ignorance leaving Spencer with nothing.

Later on at what seemed to be a memorial service, Spencer sees Shawna in attendance. She runs off to tell Toby, but Shawna isn’t too far behind them and escapes in Jenna’s car. I’m still very confused as to what Shawna’s relevance is in this whole plot line.

Zombie Rant:

  • Yay Mona is back!
  • Hanna’s dad didn’t have to be so mean to Caleb.
  • I’m sure we all saw that Aria – Conor kiss a mile away right guys?
  • I’m glad Emily’s new found backbone extends to putting Spencer in her place.
  • So Ravenswood is introduced.
  • So what did Emily do with the  hard drive she got from Hanna?
  • See why you shouldn’t tell lies Conor? You car gets a nice beating for it.
  • Was it me? Or was it so obvious it was a mask in that video Tanner showed Emily?
  • Hanna’s dad always seem so reluctant to help them….is it really that serious though?
  • I think it was Mike that destroyed Conor’s car. If he did, he gets brownie points for being a good brother for once.

Next time:

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